New Mexico Deficit

New Mexico Deficit

New Mexico is currently running a large financial deficit.  The New Mexico deficit has been caused by many different things.   Mainly, the fact that we hung our hat on oil and gas and population growth in New Mexico is negative.   A lot of people want to blame Susana for this New Mexico deficit, but for me I blame the state as a whole.   WHY AREN’T WE FOCUSING ON OUR GREATEST ASSET?   The sun.

We have literally the best sun in the entire United States for solar.   This asset can’t be duplicated in any other state.  New Mexico solar is where it is at!  We have a solar panel testing facility in Albuquerque called CFV that tests solar panels from all over the world because of our great sun.   The irradiance that is produced is 30-40% more than San Diego.   Many consider San Diego the capital of solar in the USA.

New Mexico as a state has decided to start shutting down the Four Corner power plans that do coal.   Their is a transmission line that could allow us to push electricity to California.   Why don’t we sell them electricity produced by a large solar farm?    California currently buys electricity at about twice the rate than New Mexico does.   If we produced electricity for them we could not only get our of our deficit, but we could create a wealth never before seen in New Mexico.  We have the sun.   We have the transmission line.  All we need is some action.

Nm Solar Group LLC is currently now operating completely debt free.   We charge the lowest amount per watt in the state out of any company doing any type of volume (aka legally operating).   We have only had five star reviews from our clients and haven’t ran into a single problem we haven’t been able to overcome.   Join up with us and lets use the greatest asset New Mexico has.   The sun.

Own your New Mexico Solar

Own your New Mexico solar.   Solar isn’t something that you do everyday.   In New Mexico, we tend not to move around a ton and solar is a 25 year commitment for that house whether you live there or not.  “Free” solar doesn’t exist.   A lot of National companies will tell you a lot of things.   They aren’t here to stay and don’t have a vested interest in our community.  Whether you do a purchase, lease, or power purchase agreement there are ALWAYS costs.  All of these ways are cheaper than the Utility.

Power Purchase agreement and leases claim to be free equipment and then the client purchases the energy produced from the their solar array on their roof.  What they don’t tell you is that the lease or power purchase agreement’s are two to three times more than buying a system over the life of their long confusing contract.

Owning your New Mexico solar is the best way to go for three reasons.

  1.  You don’t have a long term contract with a company that cares nothing about you or the New Mexico community
  2. With a purchase you get appraisal value to your home.   With a lease or a power purchase agreement there is no appraisal value possible.
  3. Keep your tax credits.

All of these things are great reasons to own your own solar.   New Mexico Solar Group is a local solar company who care about their clients and their community.  We will gladly consult with you on what is the best way to do solar for your personal situation.   New Mexico Solar Group has zero down financing available from local credit unions.   You can be sure that we will provide you with excellent customer service, communication, and professionalism.  Reach out to us at or call us at 5054156172.   Owning your solar in New Mexico is the way to go for the New Mexican.

Local Solar Companies

Local Solar Companies
Local Solar Companies do solar better. Here is an example of local solar done with care.

Local solar companies are the way to go.  With local solar companies we have local owners, presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s, and decision makers.   We have houses in your communities.  Local solar companies go to the balloon fiesta, the Fair, and Old Town.  Local solar companies pay property taxes, gross receipts tax, and state income tax.  If something goes wrong or needs improvement with an NM Solar Group client we can’t defer to “someone else”  or “they”.   We have to take the problem head on and we do.

Local solar is the way to go.   Why go corporate?  Why go with a company disconnected from you?

For example:

Have you ever tried calling a call center and no one will take responsibility for anything?  Then they keep transferring you to a different department without communicating to each other?   You have to ask to speak with a manager just to get someone who will listen to you.  Lastly, then the call gets disconnected.  Not a fun scenario, but I am sure many of you have had that experience.

It is hard to as a small business owner to wear many different hats everyday.  It isn’t easy running a business, but it is worth it.   At NM Solar Group we don’t have to pay a long chain of managers that manage managers that then get managed by another manager that is the brother of the CEO and doesn’t even know anything about solar.   We keep our expenses low and we run lean and mean.   We are then able to pass those savings on to our clients and not relinquish value or quality.

Local solar is the way to go for many reasons, but the main reason is because we care about New Mexico and what happens to her.  If you are considering going solar please contact us and we will get a free no obligation quote for your home.

SolAero Technologies

SolAero Technologies and One Web Satellites are teaming up bring high speed internet to the entire world and they are doing it with solar.  Right now if you want high speed internet you have to have cables run underground to your place of residence often times “fiber”… Solaero is working on a way to do it without any cables.   They are sending satellites into space along with OneWeb to do this.   The satellites are powered by super efficient solar panels that are being made right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   We won’t be using these panels (not for terrestrial use) with NM Solar Group, but any solar done right is good solar.

LEDA and JTIP are great incentives that really helped pull in these 100 new jobs to ABQ metro.  Nm Solar Group loves seeing the progression of New Mexico 🙂