The Dawn of the Nuclear Age -- The Trinity Test Site

The idea of using nuclear fission as an implement of war was first advocated by several American Scientists, many of whom had defected to the US from fascist regimes in Europe. By 1941 the Office of Scientific Research and Development had taken charge of the project, code named “Manhattan“.

By the time the US had entered WWII, the US Army Corps of Engineers had been tasked with the development of a series of research and development facilities to explore the possibility of the world's first nuclear weapon.

Most of the ground work for the Manhattan Project had been laid at Columbia University, New York. By 1945, over 130,000 people were involved in three different facilities in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Richland, Washington. The Los Alamos Facility was the think tank for the entire project and the site for the first atomic testing in history.


The Trinity Test was the dawn of the nuclear age and the first atomic bomb to be detonated by humankind. The test was executed by scientists working at the Los Alamos facility under the direction of Robert Oppenheimer, who had named the test “Trinity” after a poem by John Donne.

The plutonium bomb had been placed on a steel tower 10,000 yards from the nearest observation bunker. The test had been scheduled for 4:00 in the morning, but the presence of rain delayed the detonation for an hour and a half. At 5:30 sharp on the morning of July, 16 194, the detonation occurred and the world as we knew it changed forever.

The detonation vaporized the steel tower upon which it sat and blasted the asphalt around the base of the tower into green sand. After the initial blast a shock wave of searing heat burst across the desert carrying with it the first taste of deadly radiation.

A steel container had been hauled in for the experiment and later discarded was left half a mile from the blast site. The 200-ton container, affectionately called “Jumbo”, was blasted open despite its considerable distance from ground zero.

As Oppenheimer and the scientists watched in awe, the orange and red fire ball stretched and spread out over head. Than a second column rose and flattened out into the shape of a mushroom giving the first view of what would become a symbol of man's destructive power.

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